Step 1

А car is necessary to inform you are interested in and where you want it to deliver.

Step 2

Make a deposit of $ 500 to confirm the seriousness of your intentions and prompt repayment required cars.

Step 3

We pick a car and offer you options with a detailed report on the configuration (state cars, if cars with mileage), and you make the decision to purchase.

Step 4

We buy cars. After successful purchase of the car, we will bill you. You pay the cost of cars and delivery to the desired city.

Step 5

We draw up documents for export and organize delivery. All necessary documents for the car, we will send by courier (DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS).

Step 6

You get a car. At this point the car in the city of your stay or a possible port of delivery. You can contact one of our loyal broker in your country for the clearance of the machine. Contact us we will provide on request.

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